I Can’t Do It: Why So Few Have Any Hope of Discovering and Sustaining a Wellness Lifestyle

Over the years, I’ve collaborated with an eminent Australian polymath (Dr. Grant Donovan of Perth) in conducting research on lifestyle change. Our work has focused on understanding whether adults have a better than 50/50 chance of benefiting from efforts to improve their lifestyles. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Our double-blind, crossover, randomized horizontal and dignified trials have explored a simple but profound question that others have taken for granted, namely, can humans do it? That is, can individuals convince themselves to change their lifestyles and, more important, sustain over time whatever healthy habits they wish to adopt? If not, then clearly the frustrations of failure and increases in learned hopelessness make it highly unlikely that attempts at lifestyle improvements will have much chance to succeed and be beneficial. Roman Testosterone Support Repeated failure at lifestyle change are worse than never even trying to live healthfully, as the frustrations and disappointments lead to lost interest in change, lower self-worth and thus poorer health status.

Our studies have shown, conclusively we believe, that most people can’t do it. Testosterone Propionate We refer to this phenomenon as I can’t do it or ICAN’TDOIT.¬†Once the nature of this reality is understood, those who still desire to attempt positive lifestyle changes will have a better chance for success, since a rare few can in fact do it, if somewhat gifted by favorable circumstances and aware of the difficulties. Everyone should be willing to pay attention to ways that boost success rates.


We found that living healthfully is too demanding largely because most are not prepared for the obstacles in the way. Make no mistake–if everyone could put into practice and sustain healthy choices, they would. Who wants to be sick and die prematurely? Who wants NOT to look good and have ample energy and live life to the full? If it were easy, everyone would accept responsibility for a high quality of life by choosing to exercise vigorously on a regular basis, eat well, manage stress, think critically and do all the rest. After all, wellness is, as I have long preached (in a secular fashion),¬†fun, romantic and hip, sexy and free. It’s a richer way to be alive. Live this way and you will be stronger and better looking, have higher morale, superior bowel movement and more antibodies to resist pandemics.