The Book of Answers

Usually, after disappointment, we find ourselves second-guessing what we did (or failed to do) that led to our unhappy outcome cbd + thc gummies. I believe that failure (as long as it does not kill us or permanently wound us) wakes us up to the value of planning. I am not talking about planning like a grocery list to jog your memory at the vegetable aisle. I mean put some serious thought into what is important to you and your family. Those things of importance should be your goals. When we fail to achieve a goal, we must think about that goal again. Is that goal worthy? Is it achievable? Do we have the means (resources), ways (different paths), and the time to achieve it?

Suppose that we decide that most of our goals are of low importance (every day needs and wants). Lets call them goals for the “Tactical Level.” We might link Tactical Level goals to a higher level phenq fat burner for sale. Our goals for our family’s future (our children, our grandchildren, and beyond), our employer’s future (a company that you own or one that provides the means for you to feed, house, and clothe your family), our state, our country, our way of life (society). These goals should be higher than Tactical. Lets call them goals for the “Operational Level.”

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “Book of Answers” to tell us what our Tactical and Operational Goals should be, and all ways to achieve them? Maybe, but if the goals are given to us, we cannot distinguish ourselves. If we have the answers on how to achieve our goals, we will not experience personal failure collagen peptides for sale. With no learning from our mistakes or misfortunes, we cannot enjoy the triumph of achieving our goals.