PHENYLETHYLAMINE, Importance & Facts – We Bet You Don’t Know!


Phenylethylamine is a chemical that is found in our bodies. It is an amino group and is a neurotransmitter in our body. In addition, it is a chemical that is naturally produced in our bodies.

It can also be made in laboratories.  It affects dopamine and serotonin, and because of its great abilities, Phenylethylamine is used for treating depression and other similar conditions which connect to the brain.

There are a lot of people who use Phenylethylamine as a supplement, not only to treat depression and other conditions but also to improve their focus and concentration levels.

It is a natural supplement which can be made artificially and have great purposes with different applications.

This chemical or supplement is used to improve concentration, cognitive enhancement, improving mood, and losing weight.


It is found in our body in a very little amount, mostly present in our central nervous system.

This chemical is also made in laboratories and is colorless when at room temperature. It is also soluble in water, ether, and ethanol. When left in the open air, it forms a solid structure when combined with carbon dioxide.

Phenylethylamine | C8H11N

Phenylethylamine is a neurotransmitter; it stimulates other neurotransmitters such as dopamine, and norepinephrine, as both of these neurotransmitters improve alertness and focus.

This compound has a similar structure as amphetamine, as it breaks down in the body quickly when consumed.

It is also called PEA and is a compound that allows you to make the most of it in a very short time. [1]

As it is a nootropic, its side effects are less to none and are effective for different purposes. This is the reason why people use it without any worries of side effects and is taken mostly to improve mood.

This compound is effective for people who wish to improve their focus and reduce stress and depression attacks.

It is a nootropic and has less to no side effects and can be taken without any worry to improve mood and reduce anxiety.


Phenylethylamine stimulates the body to make such chemicals that play an important role in depression and other psychiatric problems.

One of the main abilities of Phenylethylamine is to release neurotransmitters in the body. It can be taken by food or supplements, Phenylethylamine will improve the psychological health of people who are suffering from it.

Phenylethylamine radically enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine levels. Along with this, Phenylethylamine is effective in amplifying catecholamine levels.

This is the reason why Phenylethylamine is so effective and gives better focus, clarity, and cognitive functions.

People who do not make enough Phenylethylamine in their body can use it in the form of supplements or by food. However, consuming too much Phenylethylamine can cause side effects similar to the drug amphetamine.

As the level of serotonin and dopamine increases, it helps the people to get rid of stress and anxiety immediately and deals with depression.

Although, Phenylethylamine is found and produced naturally in our body, however, it gets corrupted very quickly, and that is the reason why people have the petite amount of Phenylethylamine in their body.

As Phenylethylamine gets metabolized easily in the body, therefore it can get pass easily through the blood barrier after intake.

Phenylethylamine Effects on the Brain

Phenylethylamine can restrain dopamine uptake along with promoting dopamine production in the body, which is why the users feel more positive and in a better mood.[2]

PEA - Your Brain's Natural Stimulant for Higher Performance

It affects serotonin levels as it has similar effects of norepinephrine. All these abilities of Phenylethylamine, when combined together, make an impactful effect on the user and on the mood.

Still, there are more researches going on and have to do more studies in the future to know more about the Phenylethylamine mechanism.

The effects of Phenylethylamine after taking are usually after 15 minutes. [3]

The effects will last for a couple of hours because of its quick metabolism. However, there are studies and researches going on how this substance interacts with other compounds, and it is advised not to take or mix it with anything.


The dosage depends upon a person’s physical and mental ability. Some factors such as age, health, and other physical conditions.

However, now, there is no scientific evidence on how much the dosage of Phenylethylamine should be. Phenylethylamine does not have any strong and powerful effects on the body; therefore, it can be used by anyone.

Phenethylamine - Uses, Dosage, Drug Interactions

However, it is not necessary to raise the limit of dosage as the effects can cause any damage even though being a natural compound. It is always safe to limit the dosage, especially when not mentioned.

People, who experimented and used Phenylethylamine for a while, have reported the dosage they took and effected them.

With all the findings, the dosage of Phenylethylamine ranges from 300 to 800 mg, and with this much dosage, no reports of the problem have been seen until now. [4]

How to Take Phenylethylamine Powder?

There are different ways in which you can consume Phenylethylamine; it can be in powder form or in capsule, either way, you prefer to take.

Taking Phenylethylamine in a lower dose causes a mild effect. When taken in higher dosage, soothing effects show up, and cognitive benefits start to show up.

People have been taking Phenylethylamine powder in a small dosage with no side effects.

The best way to take is to start from low and then raise the dosage. If the body is reacting and working well, then increase the dosage little by little to get stronger effects.


As there is limited research on this compound, and there has been no proof of the use of Phenylethylamine with other compounds; therefore, it is better not to mix it with any other substance.

As Phenylethylamine is comparable to amphetamines and has similar effects, combining Phenylethylamine with other compounds can be a risky move.

Some people have tried to combine Phenylethylamine with caffeine to get an extra boost to energy. [5]

The Science of Nootropic Stacks

Reported dosage of Phenylethylamine ranges from 100 to 500 mg with a cup of coffee showed no side effects and is safe to consume.

Some pre-stacks which are available online such as Noopept or Optimind are safe to use in the recommended dosage. 

However, there are two combinations which should be avoided to prevent danger, such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI).

As the studies and researches are still limited and going on Phenylethylamine, therefore, it is better to use it according to the recommended dosage or start from little so that the body can get used to its effect and later increase the dosage gradually.


The main benefit of Phenylethylamine is that it enhances mood and promotes positive feelings, happiness, and emotions.

As shown in studies many times, Phenylethylamine increases dopamine levels by its mechanism.

While there are no proper studies or tests in the laboratory of Phenylethylamine for medicinal use, however, Phenylethylamine enhances dopamine, and the serotonin level in our system suggests that this nootropic is useful and effective for treating depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

A study shows that exercise also helps to reduce the symptoms of depression, as these participants’ urine samples were tested, which showed traces of Phenylethylamine.

The reason behind it was that the exercise helps to treat with depression because exercise increases Phenylethylamine levels in the body.

Moreover, Phenylethylamine is also very helpful in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

This substance has the power to treat people who are addicted by giving them the feeling of addiction even though it is not addictive itself.

Other Benefits of Phenylethylamine Supplements

Moreover, there is evidence that shows that Phenylethylamine helps to improve mood.

However, evidence supporting weight loss is still not clear. A few people believe that Phenylethylamine can affect the mechanism of fat absorption and cause the body to store less fat. [6]

It is also said that hunger is suppressed, and metabolism becomes high. There have been no real studies to support this effect.

Even though there are some signs of weight loss, these effects are for a short time only and cannot be used for weight loss purposes for a long period, as it will be a waste of time.

It might be possible for people to lose weight as being a nootropic, this compound gives a strong and positive feeling and happiness, and this might be the reason to feel a lot lighter and happy.

The effect of Phenylethylamine on weight loss is for a short time as the loss of appetite is for a limited time only. Therefore, it should not be used for weight loss purposes.

Facts and Studies Results

To make it easy, the benefits of Phenylethylamine includes:

  • Improved focus
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Short term suppression of appetite for weight loss
  • Treats drug addiction
  • Improves mood and well being
  • Better cognitive functions
  • Helps to treat the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

The above mentioned are a few benefits which we can get from Phenylethylamine.

This compound is effective in calming down people who are suffering from depression or stress so that they can complete their daily routine lives with ease and happiness.

As it improves focus, people who are in stressful condition or cannot cope up with stressful situations can use this compound to reduce the stress and anxiety issues and can be happy and think positively.


Side effects of Phenylethylamine supplements

It causes some minor side effects after using, which includes:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

However, there are no serious side effects when using Phenylethylamine as these side effects disappear from the body when the body gets used to the compound.

However, there is a lot of potential for misusing the compound that can cause long-term health benefits. Overall, there are more benefits from this compound than its side effects.

It is better to use the supplement according to the recommended dosage. [7]

Do not exceed the amount of the dosage, as it can be dangerous for health. Phenylethylamine is a compound that is not tested completely, so it is better to use a little dose first.

In addition, people who suffer from different mental disorders such as schizophrenia should avoid taking this compound, as there is no evidence on how it will react to people who suffer from it.

Who should not Take Phenylethylamine?

It is better to stay in the limited dosage, not exceed the limit, and avoid mixing nootropic with other compounds.

However, It is not safe for pregnant and lactating women as there is no evidence regarding this. In addition, Phenylethylamine affects the central nervous system as it could interfere in surgery; therefore, it is better to stop using Phenylethylamine 2 weeks before surgery.

Therefore, a limited dosage will not be harmful as a higher dosage might cause something unusual.

As there are limited studies over this nootropic, therefore, it is recommended to start with a low dose and then gradually increase to avoid any serious side effects.


Phenylethylamine is difficult to buy. However, there are online sources that sell this compound, in either powder or capsule form. It can be difficult to find it in the local stores and markets.

It is available on Amazon, where it is sold in capsule form under the name of L-Phenylalanine 500mg from Now Foods, which is 120 vegetable capsules, also in powdered form as Pure Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) powder in 100 gm from Bulk Supplements.

Both of these options are available, it depends on the personal preference which form of this compound is easy to consume.

As it is not tested and proven for many other reasons, Phenylethylamine is not available in local stores, so it is better to buy it from online sources.


Although this supplement is popular for losing weight, it depends on person to person.

It does not mean that it will affect the same way as it is affecting others, and not everyone will lose weight. Even though it has shown some signs of weight loss in some people, but it is not effective for everyone who wishes to use it for weight loss purposes.

It has the ability to suppress the appetite, but not everyone reacts the same way, and there are other more strong effects by using this compound, which should not be ignored.

Various foods contain this compound and especially used for weight loss purposes.

However, it will not give benefits as the pure substance will give. For enhancing mood and reduce stress, this substance is best to use under these circumstances.

It is the best solution to reduce the mental problems which occur from time to time.


Still, if there are any signs which show up after using this supplement, it is better to consult the doctor or your physician.

Although, it is better to consult your personal doctor before using this compound as the doctors can guide you in a much better way.

This way, you can be affected by its potential benefits and can get better results.